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Meet InnoBuyer's Ambassadors

Meet InnoBuyer’s Ambassadors

InnoBuyer’s Ambassadors are organisations (cluster,  association, centre of competence, etc), as well as  individual experts in frequent contact with public and private organisations with unmet needs.

Below you can meet the individual experts and the organisations that are part of the InnoBuyer Ambassadors Network.

Alina Capitanu

VicePresident of Imago-Mol Cluster on behalf of North East Regional Development Agency (Romania)

Aline Noizet

Founder, Digital Health Connector (Spain)

Andy Bleaden

Community Director ECHAlliance (EU)

Anna Monistrol

Senior Innovation Consultant, ACCIÓ (Spain)

Carmen de Guerrero Manso

Senior Lecturer of Administrative Law, University of Zaragoza (Spain)

Caterina Buonocore

Head of Strategic partnership development at APRE (Agenzia Per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea (Italy)

Deividas Soloveičik

Partner, Attorney-at-law and Head of Public Procurement practice at Law Firm COBALT (Lithuania)

Elisa Frenz

CEO, Health Proc. Europe (Germany)

Ivana Ostoic

CEO, Sustainable Solutions (Croatia)

Jenni Konttila

Development Manager for OuluHealth ecosystem (Finland)

Louis Potel

Director of Innovation & Internationals Affairs, RESAH (France)

José Miguel Cacho

CuraeSalud founder (Spain)

Laura Sánchez

Business and Process Services Manager. Public Sector Department, SILO (Spain)

Marc Rinkes

Interregional network builder/project developer, NEW DAY innovation (The Netherlands)

Sandra Sinde

Founder LASINDE (Spain)

Wojciech Racięcki

Director of Dep. of Innovative Programs Management Methods, National Centre for Research and Development, NCRD (Poland)

Xavier Olba

Consultor Estrategia Innovación & Digital, Pëtri (Spain)

BME e.V.

Association for Supply Management and Logistics (Germany)


Bussiness Incubation (Spain)


Digital Health (Spain)


Digital Health (EU)

EHMA - European Health Management Association

Healthcare – health management (Belgium)

empirica Communication and Technology Research

Research and Consultancy (Germany)

Health Care Without Harm

Health (Belgium)


North East Regional Innovative Cluster for Structural and Molecular Imaging (Romania)

Innovation Skane regional Innovation Company

Fully owned by Region Skåne, with the goal of contributing to future welfare services and regional growth through innovation (Sweden)

Instituto de Fomento Región de Murcia

Regional Development agency (Spain)


Innovation agency (Czech Republic)



National Centre for Research and Development, NCRD


OuluHealth ecosystem


PEDAL Consulting

Innovative Consultancy (Slovakia)

Plataforma eVIA

eHealth, inclussion, Active Assisted Living (Spain)



Razvojna Agencija Sotla

Regional Development (Slovenia)

Sustainable Solutions

Finding EU funding for innovative ideas in the fields of waste management, circular economy, energy, R&D, transport, innovation and health, agriculture, cultural and natural heritage, tourism and much more (Croatia)

Tolstrup & Hvilsted ApS

Business and other management consultancy activities (Denmark)


Consulting Services (Germany)

Become an InnoBuyer Ambassador

As InnoBuyer Ambassador, you will help with the dissemination of InnoBuyer and the recruitment of Challengers. InnoBuyer partners will provide you with a marketing toolkit, so that you can easily spread the message.

E-mail us to kick-start this win-win collaboration.