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InnoBuyer brings together Challengers (public or private entities with unmet innovation needs) and Solvers (Innovative SMEs) to jointly co-create new solutions, applying a demand-driven approach.

A total of 15 organisations with Unmet Innovation Needs have been invited to join the InnoBuyer programme, along with 1 additional organisation from the reserve list who accepted to join the programme on a voluntary basis.
The Challengers will get support from the InnoBuyer consortium to further define their unmet needs and translate them into a challenge (Action 1), that can be launched in a call for innovation suppliers/Solvers.

Once the best Solver for each particular challenge gets selected (Action 2), Challengers and Solvers will co-create and pilot an innovative solution (Action 3). If by the end of the process the solution shows promising results, Challengers will receive support to launch an innovation procurement procedure (Action 4) for the wide adoption of the solution.

Click on the projects displayed below to learn more about the Challengers selected and their Unmet Needs. 

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