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InnoBuyer brings together big public and private organisations (Challengers) and innovative SMEs (Solvers) to jointly co-create innovative solutions, through a lean new model of innovation procurement.

I am a big organisation (Challenger) and I
want support to…

Identify needs

Identify and describe unmet innovation needs in my organisation with the collaboration of experts and funding support (Get 10.000 EUR).

Find innovators

Identify solutions and providers for my innovation challenge with the support of market consultation experts and funding support (Get 10.000 EUR).

Co-create solutions

Engage with an innovative SME to co-create a pilot tackling my organisation’s challenge, in a 10-month period, with funding support (Get up to 6.500 EUR).

Design Terms of Reference

Conceptualize and create ToR specifications for a simplified form of innovation procurement with experts’ support (Get 15.000 EUR).

I am an innovative SME (Solver) and I want support to…

Connect with buyers

Meet public & private procurers and learn more about their unmet innovation needs.

Offer innovation

Propose innovative solutions to solve challenges proposed by big European organisations.

Co-create solutions

Develop a pilot in collaboration with a challenge proposer with coaching and funding support (65.000 EUR), in a period of 10 months.

Generate new businesses

Establish strong and long-lasting connections that enable generating new business or access to other potential customers.

Take part in the InnoBuyer programme

(Public/Private Organisation)

Identifies challenge €10k for the Challenger

2 months

Applications closed on the 31st of March 2023 at 17:00 CET

(Innovative SME)

Proposes the solution €10k for the Challenger

6 months

Expected for 2023/2024

Challenger & Solver

Pilot solution €6.5k for the Challenger €58.5k for the Solver

10 months

Expected for 2024

Challenger & Legal Expert

Procurement support €15k for the Challenger

9 months

Expected for 2024/2025


Public tender after InnoBuyer journey

The Open Call for Challengers is closed:

Latest News from InnoBuyer

InnoBuyer is inviting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) funded by the EIC to apply for its Open Call for EIC Solvers, running from 4 April - 6 June, 2024. A total amount up to €260.000 is available to support 4 innovative SMEs (Solvers), to collaborate with public organisations (Challengers).
Between 25 October 2023 and 24 January 2024, InnoBuyer called small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to apply for its Call for Solvers, and propose an innovative solution to be co-developed with public organisations (Challengers). After careful evaluation, 12 SMEs have been invited to join the InnoBuyer programme and are now in the contracting phase.
Open Call for Solvers webinar
The Open Call Webinar "How to develop innovative solutions aligned with the market real needs" will be an engaging and informative online event tailored specifically for SMEs developing innovative solutions for the public sector.

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