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Earlydel Open Market Consultation: the recording is here

Are you an innovative start-up in the healthcare, predictive analytics, AI and/or algorithms fields? We have a challenge for you!

Challenge description:
Develop and validate a predictive algorithm or analytical model that enables doctors and nurses in hospital units to identify patients who are at a higher risk of developing delirium.
This will aid in making informed decisions to prevent adverse events and unnecessary hospital stays.

Furthermore, the Challenger would like to understand the clinical parameters associated with the onset of delirium to optimize internal processes within the hospital units.
To explore everyday life experiences of patients with delirium during the hospital stay, from hospital discharge until 6 months follow-up, focusing on their health-related quality of life and cognitive function.

The secondary objective will be to facilitate systematic consideration of the barriers and implementation strategies needed to incorporate early detection systems for delirium prevention in wards.

Watch the recording of the EarlyDel Open Market Consultation event to learn how to pilot a solution with Hospital Universitario Gregorio Marañon:

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