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Insights from public procurers’ exchange of best practices – join the webinar!

Registrations are open for the second webinar organised by the Innovation Procurement Task Force partners. It will take place online, on 28 June 2023, from 12:00 to 13:00 CEST, bringing you “Insights from public procurers’ exchange of best practices“.

This webinar aims at leveraging the insights gained from peer-to-peer exchanges facilitated  in the Innovation Procurement Task Force. We want to significantly contribute to advancing the understanding and development of public procurement practices.

Our speakers will share findings on the challenges to progress towards the identification of comprehensive needs of the public procurement of innovation. They are part of the InnoBuyer project, as well as BUILD, PROCEDIN, and inDemand.

Ready to enhance your knowledge and contribute to the evolution of the procurement landscape?

Register by 27 June 2023 here.


1. Introduction and welcome remarks
2. Public Procurers partners’ presentations:

European Innovation Council
Vassilis Tsanidis will present the call “Support to test EIC innovations for public and private procurers” from the EIC 2023 Work Programme.

BUILD project
“Insights from the EU-funded BUILD Project in Public Procurement to empower cities for innovation”

PROCEDIN project
“Innovation Procurement: How does it work in practice?”

TicBiomed (InnoBuyer and inDemand Health projects)
“The great waste: successful innovation pilots that are not adopted”

3. Q&A session
4. Closing remarks and networking opportunity


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