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Open Call webinar: How to develop innovative solutions aligned with the market real needs

Open Call for Solvers webinar

The Open Call Webinar “How to develop innovative solutions aligned with the market real needs” will be an engaging and informative online event tailored specifically for SMEs developing innovative solutions for the public sector.

The session will start with a fast paced presentation of the InnoBuyer Call for Solvers, that aims to select and fund 15 innovative companies (Solvers), to co-create pilots addressing the specific innovation needs (Challenges) of public organisations (Challengers).

A roundtable discussion will then bring together a panel of representatives from public organisations with unmet innovation needs (Challengers), as well as from SMEs developing innovative solutions. They will share the Buyers and the Suppliers views on the benefits and challenges associated with the co-creation of innovative solutions.

Get your free ticket and come join us on January 9, at 11:00am CET.


11:00 am   –   Welcome Words and Agenda | Miguel Gonçalves (F6S) & Betrand Wert (EIC)
11:05 am   –   Call for Solvers presentation | Miguel Gonçalves (F6S)
11:15 am   –   Roundtable: Co-creation of innovative solutions – the Buyer & the Supplier perspectives
–   Moderator: Jorge Gonzalez (TicBiomed)
–   InnoBuyer Challenger #1
–   InnoBuyer Challenger #2
–   InnoBuyer Challenger #3
–   InnoBuyer Challenger #4
–   Supplier #1
–   Supplier #2
11:55 am   –   Q&A
12:15 pm   –   End

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