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OptiDrive Open Market Consultation: the recording is here

Are you an innovative SME in the eco-driving, electric vehicles, transport and/or energy fields? We have a challenge for you!

Challenge description:
The main objective is to create a supporting IT tool to improve driver behaviour and energy consumption efficiency in electric public transport buses. OptiDrive would be implemented through a dedicated eco driving module, by implementing following steps subsequently:
  1. Big data analysis algorithm to profile drivers, identify energy conserving or consuming behaviours;
  2. Machine learning based tool to analyse electric bus datasets and provide insights on behaviours that align with eco-driving and behaviours that could be improved;
  3. Dedicated analysis tool with graphic user interface for uploading datasets and viewing driver score cards and improvement advice;
  4. If possible, dedicated app for tablets or smartphones displaying driving advice in real time (for training purposes).

Watch here the recording of this Challenge Open Market Consultation event to learn how to pilot a solution with UAB “Klaipėdos paslaugos”:

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