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Advanced Blood Transfusion Management System


FUNDESALUD (FS) is the Public Foundation (non-profit) ascribed to the Regional Ministry of Health and Social Services at the Government of Extremadura that manages both research and training programs at the Regional Health (SES) and Social care (SEPAD) system in Extremadura. In addition, FundeSalud works in collaboration with University of Extremadura (UEx) and other public or private research centres, providing resources, staff and facilities to develop any biomedical research activity in the autonomous region of Extremadura (Spain).

Extremadura’s Healthcare Service (SES) is the Healthcare System in Extremadura that involves 14 hospitals with around 3000 beds, 113 Community Health Centres, 420 Primary care Centres and over 18000 professionals. For this project, JUNTAEX will provide access to clinicians, data, and healthcare infrastructure at SES.

It is important to highlight the other regional entities included in the process:

  • The Banco de Sangre de Extremadura (Regional Blood Bank of Extremadura), located in Mérida (Badajoz), coordinates the promotion, donation, processing, and analysis of human blood, which we then distribute to all the hospitals in the CCAA.
  • Área de Seguridad del Paciente de la Junta de Extremadura (Patient’s Security Service) is the team responsible of the patient’s security overview and management of the Extremenian Health Service. Nowadays they are a team of experts in the field developing researches and improvements in the public health system to decrease the number of risk cases reported yearly.


According to the current results of patient`s security figures, management of blood transfusion is not an out of risk process.

Human error still being reported during the stage of transfusion between donor and receptor yearly in Spain and the region of Extremadura.

Increasing the automatization and security control of blood units in health centres is key to decrease the percentages of errors, optimize blood components uses, increase the research data available in the system and reduce health burden.

The highest risk in the process is reported between the preparation of components and the transfusion to the final patient. This stage includes: storage, distributing, supplying and transfusion to the final receiver.


The current number of donations in Extremadura by years is around 50.000 units per year.


The number of incidents per year is increasing in the region dramatically compared with other regions (national system). Those incidents are registered in SINASP system (


Currently technological system used to operate by sanitary team in all the process is e-Delphyn in the 8 areas of health in Extremadura (

This System is a flexible tool for Blood Bank data management, enabling a complete computerization of all their activities (Donors and Patients), allowing users an easy blood component control.

All the information provided by the current system is printed to inform to sanitary team about the process to follow.  The cocreation process aims to digitalize this part to reduce the use of expendable material (paper and labels) and improve the security in the information using digital devices in all the steps of the process.

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