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Next-generation extracellular vesicles detection platform for advanced therapies.

Karolinska Institutet

Karolinska Institutet is a renowned public institution at the cutting edge of medical research. Karolinska Institutet (KI) is one of the world’s leading medical universities, located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Founded in 1810, KI is renowned for its significant contributions to medical research and education. It is closely associated with the Nobel Assembly. KI is recognized for its cutting-edge research in various fields, including regenerative medicine, neuroscience, immunology, and cancer.

The Department of Laboratory Medicine – Biomolecular Medicine and Advanced Therapies is committed to studying efficient means of delivering promising therapeutics to the right organ with the right dose, offering groundbreaking solutions to make promising therapeutic approaches available to patients.


Currently, characterization of EVs and LNPs uses methods that are destructive and don’t allow for particle analysis in their native form. Determining therapeutic cargo loading and batch consistency is complex. Size, polydispersity, and concentration measurements are obtained using dynamic light scattering and nanoparticle tracking analysis.

However, the variability in EV and LNP formulations makes capturing accurate data challenging. These methods
require preprocessing, limiting direct and online measurements. Thus, there’s a strong need for precise, non-destructive characterization techniques to advance biological therapeutics.

We were looking for innovative solutions using advanced technologies to overcome the current solution’s limitations.

Compulsory requirements:

  • Accurate characterization of biophysical and chemical properties of EVs and LNPs in purified samples, ensuring adequate production of therapeutic nanoformulations;
  • Fast, comprehensive, and reliable data generation, to support decision-making during the production process;
  • Compatibility with the existing infrastructure for seamless integration and operational efficiency;
  • Assurance of regulatory compliance and quality control to meet the stringent standards of healthcare applications and advanced therapeutics.


iLoF is a digital health company pioneering a breakthrough AI-powered photonics platform to accelerate the future of drug development and personalized medicine. Our team of dedicated physicists, biologists, and data scientists is partnering with world-class leading institutes and companies to unlock the full potential of this innovative approach.

iLoF, founded in 2019, has already been featured as one of the most disruptive companies in Europe, and is backed by several top-tier investors, having received multiple awards and grants, underscoring the groundbreaking potential of it’s innovative platform.

iLoF’s cutting-edge solution provides a multi-parameter analytical platform for the characterization of biophysical and chemical properties of complex nanoformulations, like extracellular vesicles (EVs) and lipid nanoparticles (LNP). By leveraging multi-dimensional optical data, our platform delivers next-generation profiling of nanoparticles in liquid specimens, with key benefits including:

  • Label-free, non-destructive quantification of drug load
  • Comprehensive multiparameter data to simplify and speed up the analysis process.
  • Compatibility with diverse nanoformulations and complex backgrounds.

iLoF maximizes user experience by simplifying sample processing and providing automatic sample handling, remote monitoring, and expedited data analysis. By equipping drug developers with actionable insights, this innovative tool is designed to enable real-time, atline nanoparticle analytics with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, streamlining the development and production of advanced nanotherapeutics.

The proposed solution aligns with the Challenger’s needs for developing advanced therapeutics, namely:

  • Precise characterization: Our solution accurately measures the physical and chemical properties of EVs and LNPs, including RNA cargo composition and distribution.
  • Non-destructive analysis: The characterization process is non-destructive, preserving the integrity and therapeutic potential of nanoparticles.
  • Rapid and actionable data: Our solution generates, comprehensive, and reliable data, capturing critical safety, efficacy, and regulatory parameters in a single, quick measurement.
  • User-centric design: ease of use and data interpretation.