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BLOODMANSYS Open Market Consultation: the recording is here

Are you an innovative start-up in the healthcare and/or medical devices fields? We have a challenge for you!

Challenge description:

ADVANCED BLOOD TRANSFUSION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM aims to improve the patient’s security during blood transfusion during the last stage of the process, when the patients receive blood transfusion. This stage is the highest risky part of the process and increase the digitalization and improve the technology during this part will ensure the decrease of health burden in the health services related with blood management.

The call for a co-development must help to reduce the human errors detected during the last years in the region such as:

  • Patients identifying errors,
  • Laboratory identification errors
  • Blood bags management errors

Other improvements to apply in the current process are:

  • Be integrable different versions of the software in different health areas
  • Reduction of expendable material in the different stages of the blood transfusion.


Watch the recording of the BLOODMANSYS Open Market Consultation event to learn how to pilot a solution with FundeSalud:

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