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IPTF Conference 2024: A Success in Innovation Procurement!

The InnoBuyer team proudly attended the IPTF Conference, showcasing our demand-driven methodology for innovation procurement.

The IPTF Conference, held on June 18th in Brussels 2024, was a key event that highlights the importance of expanding innovative procurement practices. The conference focused on showcasing and discussing the goals of featured projects to drive efficiency, transparency, and sustainability in global procurement. As a collective effort of several EU-financed projects, the IPTF Conference focused on advancing innovation procurement across Europe.

The conference aimed to promote sustainability, resilience, and innovation by supporting procurement in innovative areas such as the circular economy, green mobility, and healthcare. It was a great success with more than 50 attendees actively involved in a full day of insightful presentations and interactive sessions. The event also laid the groundwork for future collaborations beyond the scope of the involved projects, including for the follow-up project of InnoBuyer – InnoMatch, coordinated by F6S, which will officially kick-off later this year.

The IPTF Conference was divided into three parts, each focusing on different aspects of innovation procurement.

  • Part 1: Scaling up Innovation Procurement Policy Perspectives
  • Part 2: Innovation Procurement Capacity Building in Action
  • Part 3: Innovation Procurement Learning Lab

The IPTF Conference was a resounding success, with insightful presentations, interactive sessions, and the establishment of future collaborations. It emphasized the importance of innovation procurement and the collective effort required to achieve sustainability, resilience, and efficiency in procurement practices across Europe.

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